Dirtcomp Edition 35 Cover, Megapixels, Racing and my life chained to the computer!

Hey all, its been a while since Ive done a post. I have been doing stuff, Ive just been tied to the computer editing the twelve part short documentaries I shot with Lachlan Moore earlier in the year, on some South Gippsland artists. Its been a long road, but its all going to schedule and I cant wait to see them finished, and to get some sleep haha!

Here’s a couple of shots from the other day, shooting a handful of pickups.

pickupsA few weeks back, I headed across to the Flinders 450 Offroad race in SA to shoot for Conflict films, and Offroad Promotions for their 7Mate TV show on the AORC off road racing series. So keep an eye on you TV’s 24th August on 7Mate, and you should see some of my footage : )

I took the cover photo for Edition 35 of Dirtcomp, and the contents DPS. They were both taken on my Nikon D800, 36mp and 4frames a second. 5 years ago I would have laughed at those specs for motor sport, I had a Nikon D3, crazy fast and great low light.

Things have changed, I dont spray and pray anymore, yes there are situations where you need to do this, but If you can time your shot, plan your position and Manual expose your much better off. It just takes some practice to get your timing right.

Technology has come along way in the last couple of years, my D800 is three times the resolution  of my old D3, and at 6400iso the D800 is better! Crazy times! And the bonus with the D800 is the extra dynamic range, jpegs are very editable, there are details in the shadows and highlights.

The cover shot, I took landscape and the image was well cropped portrait for the cover. Cant do that with most cameras!

Both images were shot at under 250th/sec, half power speed light and panning. ISO and aperture set to balance or bring down the ambient light.1072040_690777947603930_600090606_o DCe35_Contents

Till next time!

More Beer!

Recently I loaded up all my Camera equipment, audio gear and art department stuff into my new van and headed over to Adelaide to work on this Coopers Vintage Ale  champaign with my mate Dan Peters, for KWP Advertising.

Dan Peters directed and Edited the clips,  They were shot on my cameras, mostly my lighting and I did all the roaming camera and audio.

For the Stills on the background of the Coopers Vintage Ale microsite, I did the sprits and label work on the frosty bottle, and the beer pour and frosty sprits on the glass at the bottom of the page. The stills were shot by Dan Peters. Mad skillz mate!

Thanks for a good couple of days guys! I love a road trip and the new van is great for getting all the gear where I need it. My old van was a bit small to load up with my whole kit.

Look forward to another road trip soon!

Anyways, get yourself a frosty beverage! The Coopers 2013 Vintage has just been released!!


Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 6.50.03 PM


Dirtcomp Magazine Edition 34

Edition 34 of Dirtcomp Magazine has one of my images from Tuff Truck Challenge on the cover, 2 DPS’s in the Gallery section and a DPS and feature article on a Quad bike. Im a bit late with this post, but there should be a few mags kicking around in the Newsagents still. The Suzuki 4×4 clubs “Adventure Tour” is covered in this edition. This is my club, and Randall kindly flew down to Victoria to cover it while I was on the Donavon tour. Worth checking out, we are a crazy bunch.
Ive just been away in the red centre shooting the Finke desert race, so I look forward to blogging about this when edition 35 is out.

For the tech nerds,

The cover shot was on my D600 85mm f1.4 with a pop of manual fill on camera flash.

The shot of Todd O’Leary was my D800, 85mm f1.4 lit with a Elinchrom Quadra off to one side and back lit with the sun.

The two Tuff Truck images were shot on D700, 18-35mm f3.5-4.5, back lit and front lit with 2 Elinchrom Quadra’s with the iso pumped up, camera on rear curtain, and a slow shutter speed to get movement and ambient light from the head and running lights. Both shots were pre focused by torch light because there was no light until the cars came along. Till next time : )

Front CoverE34





Go for Zero

Here’s another little job I worked on before I went away on tour for Burning House.
I camera assisted for Marin Johnson, and the majority of the footage was shot on my D800/Ninja rig and lens kit. We needed to keep things light and mobile, as we had locations all over the city. My kit was perfect.

Here’s the long version of the, Zero tolerance to violence against women TVC

Drone The Movie

Here’s a little project Pete Blackwood and I worked on late last year, Pete was the Production Designer and I did art department with him and shot some B camera.
If you scroll down on the main page of my blog, there are a few stills I shot on the first day of production.
Its pretty satisfying knowing everything you see on screen, you put there, constructed or had some part in making it work.

I love your work Director Edwin McGill, DOP Marin Jonson and Guilty. Drone Website

DRONE TRAILER 2013 from Edwin McGill on Vimeo.


Worth paying for

Just before Pete and I went on tour earlier this year, we had to smash out this art department job for Ambulance Victoria and Burning House.
We sourced and built the props, projections, prints, transparencies and built the set.
These are the three TVC’s to come the two days on set.

Home Page Image_Gorge-7eaa7f9f-9a61-4d95-91f2-0ed292e11642-3-715x371

Convinced me to get ambulance cover!

So much to tell you guys

Well its almost half way through the year and I have been doing so many cool things I had no time to post about them. So be prepared to be bombarded in the next couple of weeks.
The Donavon Frankenreiter tour this year would have to be the highlight so far.
After some time doing pre on this job, Pete and I spent two full months on the road with Donavon and Matt as the full production, setting the stage, props, audio and Shooting stills and Video at all 37 gigs in Australia and New Zealand for Corona Extra,LaCasa and MC Creative.
As well as setting and shooting the gigs I was required to supply stills and cut a video for each show by mid the following week and also a wrap up vid by early in the week. This huge workload wouldn’t have been achievable without support from the Pete Blackwood the Donavon, Matt Grun and Joel Beach who helped me out with the stills when the stills workload increased on the second half of the tour. At times I was loosing my mind, just a little.

For all the camera nerds out there, I shot all the stills and video on a Nikon D800 and D600, no rigs for video, just the camera body and manual focusing off the lens. No time for rigs, I had to do all this stuff in a 45min set.
On the new nikon bodies you are able to switch between stills and video without loosing you settings for each, this makes thing much more manageable when run and gun shooting. I shot everything on Nikon prime lenses, spending a lot of time on my 28mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.4. I also shot some surfing on 300mm f4 with 1.4x converter. Audio was to camera on a Que Audio shot gun mic.
One catch with shooting both stills and video is that you can’t shoot in a flat image profile, I wouldn’t have had time to do a full grade in the edit, and I couldn’t shoot RAW for stills, file sizes were already large and I would have had to do a put all the contrast and colour back in the stills also. I found shooting in Nikons standard profile fine as long as exposures were correct and I didn’t want to to pull too much out of the image.

Here are all the wrap up videos – All the Venue Vids can be viewed here

And some stills –


















Looking forward to the next tour!! Lets make it 3 years in a row!

Here we go again!

For the past week Pete and I have been in Perth getting everything sorted for the up coming Donavon Frankenrieter tour, which kicks off tomorrow at Caves house, in Yallingup WA. We’ll be on the road for the best part of 2 months and we finish in Auckland NZ.

Amongst other things, Ill be shooting lost of videos, and stills so keep an eye out on FB, Instagram and the La Casa websites

All the tour dates and venues can be found here so come along, there free concerts and there a heap of fun! And please, say hi is you see me running around with my cameras.

Hope to see you all there!


An afternoon of beautiful light

I recently shot this video for Kiss Chasey while on the stills shoot with Dan Peters. We waited most of the the day for the good light. It worth being patient, it just proves that good things come to those who wait!

All shot on Nikon D800 to Atmos Ninja 2 recorder on Nikon prime lenses. Clip edited by Dan Peters.

Fingers in many pies.

Its been way too long ” again” since my last post, Ive been so busy doing so many different things that my poor blog has been neglected.

Keeping things diverse and random as I like them, lately I’ve been working on a few art department projects with Pete Blackwood including a film pilot and TVC’s, shot some B camera on the film pilot, Ive been shooting and producing some video jobs of my own and I have also been camera assisting with my kit on some short film and TVC’s.

At the moment Im shooting a documentary for the Tarwin valley arts council with my good friend Lachlan Moore who is directing, and Monday I head off for two months to shoot my second Donavon Frankenrieter tour of Australia and NewZealand.

Heres some of the stuff I’ve been working on, the rest is still in post production land I think.

Keeps me busy!

Art department with Pete Blackwood on this Nissan Navara TVC

Pete and I built set, all shot in studio. Shannons TVC


Art department with Pete Blackwood, and B camera and some production stills on Drone the Movie.
_DSC3636 _DSC3712 _DSC3714 _DSC3945 _DSC3840 _DSC3806

Keeping a camera together in the desert

A friend of mine, “Jason Galea” sent me the little slow motion clip below of me copping a face full of dust at the “Gascoyne Dash” Offroad event in north west WA, and it got me thinking that some people out there might be interested in how I keep my cameras working in 45 degree heat, heavy dust, mud and driving rain.

Step one to keeping a camera alive in these conditions would be to start with a prosumer or pro camera, most of these come with weather seals in all the joints, lens mount and doors. I don’t want to brand bash here, but I had a Canon 5D2 for a while, took it camping once and it got condensation on the inside of the LCD screen. I’ve never had any problems like that with my Nikons.

Step two, avoid changing lenses out in the field. The most logical way to solve this is to rock multiple cameras, and just switch cameras when you need to change focal length. I would avoid shooting with zooms if you can, primes just don’t suck dust, and don’t even think of using a push-pull zoom, might as well chuck your camera in the dirt with the lens off.

The final step – cleaning. Often after races I’ll pull a lens off and there will be a fine powder of dust around the lens mount on the inside and a few spots on the sensor. I’ll start with this green goo that my wife gets for me, we almost buy it by the box. Around the lens mount and just inside the mirror box I’ll dab this goo, which picks up all the dust. I always do this and goo the rest of the camera before giving the mirror box a blow out with a rocket blower, or I just blow dust back in there.

I’ll then lock up the mirror and give it a blow off with a blower, lens mount facing the ground so the stuff falls out. If there are still goobers on the sensor, I’ll give it a wet clean with sensor swabs. This job ain’t hard to do, you just need the right gear, best to see a reputable camera shop about the right products to buy for your camera.

I really do rely on my camera’s weather sealing, I’ve been using Nikons for shooting Dirtcomp Magazine stuff for the past 5 years, everything from the D200/300, D3’s, D800 and even my little D7000, all of them have been dusty, partially submerged, rained on and muddy and I’ve never had a problem with the cameras or components. I just look after them when I’m not shooting. It really is a testament to Nikon and how far cameras have come. No one hates on cameras like I do, and they keep on rocking.


While copping a face full of dust, I snapped off a few shots. I love shooting from the hip!

Little tricks

The latest edition of Dirtcomp Magazine has been on shelves for a while now, grab yourself a copy, its got a bunch of my images in it . This DPS image I took at Finke desert race on my little Nikon D7000, I was in-between cameras, the D7000 had to do.

Here’s a the few tricks I used for this shot.

Pre focus! the D7000 wont focus fast enough to track a car going that fast. While panning, pop some fast duration flash onto the shady side of the car to freeze it, fill the shadows and pull the background exposure down. The dark side of the car will have less ambient light to cause blur.

Adjust your shutter speed to get the desired blur and the ISO and aperture to juggle the exposure.

I used an Elinchrom Quadra 400w B head mounted to  camera. this can be done with speed lights.

Simple : )

A productive day

A productive day, well not really. Friday was one of those days.

But I did get my creative on, and finally used my new camera for some stills. Lachlan Moore was having one of those days too, so we had a play with some of his stuff in the studio for half the day, and went for a walk in the afternoon and took a few pics.

So nice to take some images for fun. I love the D800, the Dynamic range and resolution are amazing!

Yummy Lollies!

Here’s a recent TVC for Jols sugar free lollies with Pete Blackwood doing props and Art department. We threw Jols, we tipped Jols and we built rigs for tipping and trowing Jols! I hope there is another cut to come as we built a cool 6 meter long tread mill that hasn’t made the cut.

Fun times!!

A tasty beverage

Here’s a little clip I did some camera work on for Petri Films and Strom Spirits. Most of the clip was shot at Spicers Peak in Queensland and the product shots at Rokeby Studios where I am based in Melbourne. We had heaps of fun shooting this, thanks to Hana Tolhoek from storm for having me along and a big thanks to Pete Blackwood for helping me out with the bottle in the studio.

Petri, I love your work!

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/44917449″>STROM Spirits – Let us take you on a Journey</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user12333345″>STROM Spirits</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Transmoto Magazine – Editorial DPS

The last couple of years “Transmoto Dirtbike Magazine” have published some of my images from the “Finke Desert Race”. This year to my surprise I got a DPS in the editorial section of the winning rider “Toby Price”

I love seeing my images big and in print! You get so used to seeing them on screen.Issue 22 of Transmoto is on shelves now, my image is on page 10 – 11.Image

Edition 29 of Dirtcomp Magazine is out at the moment, and has a bunch of my images in it. Get yourself a copy!


Its good when things are on the up^

Its been a little while since I last posted, and its not because I’m lazy, I have lots on, and lots to do. I love it!

I’ve had multiple stills, video and set jobs this month, just how I like it. Plenty of things to keep my brain working, and to take up all my time so I can neglect my blog.

Keep an eye out over the next week, I will be making it up to my blog, with some posts on some cool things that I should have posted on some time ago.

So tonight I am going start the ball rolling and blog about the final Video I shot on the Donavon Frankenrieter tour. I for some reason didn’t do this 4 months ago, and its my favourite one. So here you go!

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/38004051″>Moustache Manifesto Gold coast</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user7158693″>Michael Hurren</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Racing in the Red Centre – Finke Desert Race

Its that time again, Im all pack and jumping on a plane to Alice Springs in the morning to go shoot Australia’s biggest and most iconic off road race for Dirtcomp Magazine.

I’m looking forward to the challenge this year, Im not rocking the fast sports cameras and bigger lenses that I had previous years. Because Im shooting more video and am gearing up for more studio work, my cameras are slower and I’m working with more primes.

So watch out my racing friends, I’ll be the man with the little cameras and the big flashes!

See you all there friends!

Behind the scenes with Paris and Maj

Recently Marija Ivkovic, Photographer and Rokeby studios co owner asked me to step in at shoot some video behind the scenes of a shoot she was doing with musical performer Paris Wells

Here’s the little vid I put together.


Rokeby Studios renovations complete!

Renovations at Rokeby are complete! I did a bunch of construction on this project, and I think it looks great. Rokeby Studios is an awesome space.

Check out the Rokeby newsletter for more info. Or go straight to the Rokeby Studios website


I have been looking for this Korean TVC I had worked on almost 10 years ago, and I found it the same day I found a bunch of photos I took during the shoot. This was one of the first Jobs I did with Pete Blackwood, and one I have fond memories of.

I think there may be more than one TVC made from the the footage, because I don’t see any from the cars on the turntable or any of the locations, just the studio work.

This Job was so cool because we had to put a moving turning tyre through a sheet of water.

The tyre was put on a motor rig and then while turning, pulled through a sheet of water. We made the sheet of water by building an elevated tank with one end that could lift and let the water out. A sharp edge on the tank was needed to keep the sheet of water smooth and full.

The Japanese drums, we made from wine barrels and were skinned with thin acrylic so we could shoot light up from the bottom of the drum. They actually sounded pretty good, and the drummers were not holding back.

The tyre and drum action was shot on a slow motion camera. I can’t remember the specs but the sound was amazing, the camera ramping up to speed and the slowing to a stop again. Many hundreds of film wasted each take.

I found plenty of images from some other cool jobs, so I will be posting them soon in past projects, worth checking this section out anyway, plenty of cool stuff here.

High speed camera

Dirtcomp Edition 28

The latest edition of Dirtcomp Magazine is in stores now, grab a copy for all your Offroad racing, 4×4, Quad bike and Side by Side action. This issue features some of my images from the Gascoyne dash in North west WA and some feature car images.

Oh Yeah!

Im still away on the Corona acoustic sessions at the moment, and was playing away on my new computer this morning after my 2 week old macbook met its end with some water yesterday. And found the finished Toyota Camry TVC I worked on with Pete Blackwood from Rough end of the Pineapple on Youtube.

We had a ball on this Job for Dynamite Productions, making all the smoke, playing boats, projectors, goldfish and all the other props in this commercial.

Enjoy, I don’t think you will see this one on Aussie TV.

Making some smoke!

Pete working on the projector

The crew filming the boat, cast and running projectorMaking some smoke!

Just about half way

Ive been home from the Donavon Frankenreiter Corona Sessions tour for a few days now.

The Melbourne and Sydney legs were a success, then Pete Blackwood and I drove the truck to Brisbane, where I left to come home and shoot a couple of weddings. Pete did the Perth leg on his own, and friday I’ll be jumping back on a plane for the Brisbane and Gold Coast legs.

Ive been having a ball behind the camera, switching between stills and video. And on the Gold Coast leg I’m hoping to shoot and film some surfing. A Nikon V1 and 300mm lens may be involved.


Donavon Frankenreiter from behind stage at the Beach road hotel Bondi.

Here’s a couple of clips I shot and put together for Donavon and Corona.


See you all at a gig

The Man with the Moustache

Im happy to be posting that for the next month I will be travelling the east coast setting the stage with Pete Blackwood from Rough end of the Pineapple and shooting still and video for Corona on the Donavon Frankenrieter – Corona sessions tour.

Show dates and venues are up on Donavon’s website and Facebook page, and they are all free gigs, so come check it out!

Im very much looking forward to this trip, hopefully I get to photograph some interesting people and places along the way.

Starting with Donavon, who is an interesting looking dude!


KC Black : Light

A little Preview clip I filmed for Kiss Chacey at Rokeby Studios, of Dan Peters shooting the Autumn IIX Black Light Collection Look Book.

Filmed on a Canon 5D2 and Nikon lenses. Time laps shot on Nikon D3. Clip cut by Dan Peters.


Happy New year

As another year comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who helped out, worked with and hired me this year. I feel i took a bigger step forward in all aspects of my work and I’m looking forward to making a bigger impact next year. Ill leave you some of my favourite images from this year, I wish I had more time to go through the many thousands I shot, here are just a few.

Hope you all had a great christmas and have a happy new year.

Transmoto Framed


Issue 16 of Transmoto magazine has hit the shelves and features a couple of my images in the “framed” Gallery section. A full page of King of the desert ‘Ben Grabham’ leaving the start line on day 2 of the Gascoyne dash and a shot of Offroad commentator Rusty Bell revving the riders up and keeping the crowd in the know.
Dirtcomp editor and good friend Randall Killner snapped the shot of ‘Grabbo’ getting some refreshments at the finish line.
I feel the Gascoyne dash is one of the best races on the Australian off road calendar for bikes, quads and cars. It’s well worth the trip to north west WA.

Issue 16 of Transmoto magazine, on shelves now!

Edition 27 of Dirtcomp Magazine

The latest edition of Dirtcomp magazine is out! Ive got a bunch of images in this mag, from Taupo in NZ to Pines enduro, feature cars and quads and a DPS in the gallery section. Check it out!


Google Whisper Dish

Working on the “Google whisper dish” Job was a bit of highlight for me this year. This included me working with Peter Blackwood from “Rough end of the Pineapple” with pre and testing of the dishes and 4000km round road trip to the South Australian Desert, sharing the drivers seat in Petes set truck.

Once the dishes were set up, I shared camera duties with Wayne Aistrope, both shooting on DSLR.

As of the time I type this post, there has been 751912 views! of the three videos combined. Wow!

Love the Dress

Leo Farrell, another Rokeby resident recently asked me along to a post wedding shoot to film it. Thought I would tag along.

I take some inspiration from Leo with my own wedding stills work, and I also do some assisting and second shooting for him. Anyways, enjoy!

In the Pool

Shot this behind the scenes video of a shoot Lachlan Moore did with Michael Klim at Xavier Collage a while back.

Lighting assistance was by Isamu Sawa, stills production; Rokeby studios, I also sorted the sinking backdrop and assisted. Music by Massa Cygnet.

Building walls indoors

Click on pic for link to Lach's website

2 set builds in a row at Rokeby Studios for Photographer Lachlan Moore. The set builds were for Bunnings Warehouse, and their “We have your wardrobe” campaign.

Rokeby Studios

I seem to be working more and more at Rokeby, there all great people and its the best space in Melbourne. Well worth checking out!

Blog here!

He who controls balloons

I recently built a rig to make these balloons go up and down, in unison and individually for this hydralyte TVC


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